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Tiverton Dog Club


1 : 1 Lessons

1 : 1 lessons or individual lessons are available for obedience and agility training.

They are an ideal way to concentrate on a particular behaviour/skill that you wish to learn or work on.


As sometimes happens a class environment may not be suited to your dog and an individual lesson with just you, your dog and your trainer may be better.

You may wish to buddy up with your friend where two people and dogs are catered for and this is also possible.  

1 : 1 lessons are arranged for a mutually convenient time/date.



What to bring

You will need to hand:


  • Lots of tasty treats such as cheese, hotdog sausage or liver. Try and bring a couple of varieties and ensure that they are cut into small pieces the size of a pea.  

  • Your dog's favourite toy.

  • Poo bags (just in case!)

  • Please bring your dog wearing a flat collar or harness and on a normal/training lead. 

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