Tiverton & District Canine Society

Site updated : Monday 9th December 2019


Hello and welcome to our site.  

We are pet dog trainers who are passionate about our dogs and want only the best for them. We are situated in Tiverton Devon and are registered with the Kennel Club.

All of our training is done through reward based systems using treats, toys, praise and patience.

We hold classes for dogs of all ages and from beginner handlers through to the more experienced.

Dog training should be rewarding for both human and dog so remember to smile and have fun!


For all your training requirements contact us; if we can't help you, we know someone who can!

Promoting responsible dog ownership!


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Sponsored walk [320x200] Alicia & Puzzle [320x200]


There is no 6.00pm Agility class now until after Xmas.