Tiverton & District Canine Society

Site updated :Friday 26th March 2021



What to bring

Your dog will need lots of rewards and incentives. Bring very high value treats such as sausage, chicken and cheese (cut to pea size) or if you're feeling adventurous home made liver cake. It's a good idea to bring a variety so your dog never knows which one he will get.  Also bring a well loved toy - play is a great motivator and relationship builder.


You will need to have your dog on a flat collar ie no slip collars or choke/check chains.


Having a soft lead is a good idea to save your hands. (Extendable leads are not encouraged) Head collars are welcome.


Flat shoes or trainers for the handler are a must (but not flip-flops).



Always have poo bags with you. We are very proud of our venues and don't want to lose them. If your dog does his toilet outside please pick it up and take it home with you.  Also please keep your dog on a lead at all times unless under instruction.


Oh and most importantly..... don't forget the dog